Are your proposals boring?

Boring proposals don’t get funded. They get set on the side of a desk, never to be seen again. You need interesting and engaging proposals to get funded. Learn about the differences between boring and engaging grant proposals in this three minute micro-learning video. Watch this three minute video to help increase funding to meet your mission.

Poor funders have to read TONS of proposals. Many of them are from bad writers. They don’t meet their requirements. But, worst of all, they can be incredibly boring. Reading one boring grant is okay, but doing it for hours on end is excruciating. Don’t make them feel like the poor sweet puppy that needs a nap.

We can be nice to our funders by giving them a bright proposal of how they can change the world by funding you and giving it to them in a package that is appealing, engaging, and easy to read.

Make it easy for a funder to say “yes” to your grant by making it engaging and exciting. Make the funder excited to read your proposal and then call you with an award!

New Services

To help you help more people, I have a new grant package that leverages my expertise in a new, more affordable way. This package includes an assessment of your organization with recommendations, a list of funders that would be interested in your cause, and my persuasive and exciting proposal language for your organization. This is the language that has won over $46 million for the organizations that I work with. You could then take this package and send it out to the listed potential funders. This saves you money, grows your grant funding, saves you time, and makes submitting grant applications much easier for you.

If you are interested, pick your best time to talk with us about how to grow your mission with grants.