The Key to Grant Writing: Position Your Program for Grant Success

The most important thing you can do when you want grant funding is to position your program for grant success. What does that mean? It means to think about your program from a funder’s perspective and to make it easier for a funder to say “yes” to funding your program. You need to do this before you even begin your grant writing.  You could write 10 applications with a program that is presented attractively to funders and win more grant funding than if you wrote 100 grants with an unattractive program.

I have written in the past about the importance of your grant writing being persuasive here and here.

I have a recorded webinar that goes in-depth on the secrets to successful grant writing and funding. This post also goes through some of these most important points to make your grant writing successful and increase funding for your mission.

What are key factors of a well-positioned program that is attractive to funders?

1. It meets a timely need. It is even better if the need you are addressing is in the news.

2. It would make sense to a business person. Most foundations are run or overseen by business men and women.

3. It is for a purpose that is small enough to “get your arms around”. It has to be written so that the funder doesn’t feel like their funding is going into a black hole at your organization.

4. It highlights the impact that the foundation can make in the community.  All foundations want to make a difference in the world.

5. It highlights the organization’s “key selling points.” It states the organization’s best attributes. It repeats these points to ensure the funder gets the message.

6. It is backed up with a developing relationship, good website, and solid financials. Many foundations look at more than the grant application when reviewing an organization. The most successful organizations develop ongoing relationships with funders, have a website that looks professional and highlights their successes, and have financial statements that make the funder feel like their organization is a “safe” investment.

Positioning an organization for grant success is the most important work that we do at Millionaire Grant Lady. It propels the organizations we work with to grant success. If you need help, Millionaire Grant Lady can help you to position your programs for success and write winning grant applications.