Millionaire Grant Lady Wins $1.5 Million SAMHSA Grant

Millionaire Grant Lady has won a $1.5 million grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to help a Fort Worth organization respond to the opioid crisis. Only 10 grants were awarded nationwide, and this was the first federal grant for this organization. Like all things, the first federal grant an organization wins is the hardest one to win. Further, this grant was finished and submitted among the COVID-19 epidemic!

The award is from SAMHSA’s Emergency Department Alternatives to Opioids program. The purpose of the
program is to develop and implement alternatives to opioids for pain management in hospitals and emergency department (ED) settings.

With this funding, JPS Health Network will be able to implement a program to provide support and treatment for people with opioid use disorder who are seen at the Emergency Department. The funding is $500,000 per year for three years.

A federal grant like this is transformative for a program. It allows them the resources to implement a full program and the ability to plan for its future over the course of three years.

Federal grants are the most competitive and complicated grant applications. They require significant research, planning, and program detail. Most importantly, they need to be easy to read for tired reviewers and compelling to the reviewers and the federal agency! Each reviewer may have up to 20 applications to read, and the one that you submit needs to stand out. Don’t put the reviewer to sleep!

Millionaire Grant Lady has won seven SAMHSA grants for organizations. However, this SAMHSA win was the hardest because it was the first federal grant for this organization, there were only 10 awards nationally, and it happened during COVID! Millionaire Grant Lady has twice won the “first federal grant” for an organization. This is difficult because the organization is not a “proven success” to the federal government.