Millionaire Grant Lady Wins Grants for STEAM Programs

Millionaire Grant Lady loves winning grants for STEAM programs. In the last two months, Millionaire Grant Lady has won 5 grants of over $308,000 for the Henry B. Tippie National Aviation Education Center’s (NAEC) only-of-their-kind STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) experiences for students of all ages, from pre-kindergarten through adulthood: A is for Aerospace, Camp Soar, and the Home Front Experience.


A is for Aerospace is a half-day hands-on learning opportunity for pre-kindergarten to 2nd grade students, teaching them aviation concepts in a compelling, age-appropriate way and introducing them to aerospace careers through immersive, kid-friendly STEAM activities. Camp SOAR is a five-day immersive learning experience for 3rd to 7th grade students, incorporating hands-on STEM activities, occupations, aviation, and historical reflection. Integrative programs like these have particularly powerful impact on students from low-income districts, and their long-term outcomes are greatly improved by exposure to engage STEAM-based activities, even outside of the classroom.


Home Front Experience is a new immersive WWII educational program teaching students from 4th to 12th grade (and beyond) the importance of perseverance, unity, and collaboration. The only experience of its kind, integrating history, STEM, leadership, and citizenship, the Home Front Experience was designed by educators with over 70 years of combined experience. Uniquely designed to provide crucial real-world application for in-classroom concepts, the experience can help to meet the particular needs of students from low-income districts who have been neglected due to widening education gaps, exacerbated by the pandemic. The program places a particular interest on financial literacy, a mandated subject that many schools struggle to integrate into their curriculum in a meaningful, relevant manner. Winning first-time grants for brand-new programs is one of the most difficult hurdles in grant writing, and Millionaire Grant Lady has done it multiple times for multiple organizations.


NAEC’s recent win is a perfect example of what makes Millionaire Grant Lady successful. Our work always highlights the unique selling points of our clients, presenting them in the most positive and productive possible light. We work hard to research relevant literature and data to show the need our client aims to meet, and we always include measurable metrics to gauge the long-term success of the program. Most importantly, our success is tied to the success of our clients. We never finish a job half-heartedly or complete a contract without putting our clients in the best position to win, and when they succeed, we celebrate that success alongside them.


If your organization is seeking a much-needed grant win, contact me for a no-obligation pricing list or schedule a free call today. For many organizations, collaborating with a proven grant contractor is both more affordable and more effective than hiring a full-time grant writer. This may be the case for your organization. The best way to find out is to talk with me. Together, we can figure out the best way for your organization to get the grant wins it needs and deserves.