Millionaire Grant Lady Wins Grants for JPS for Behavioral Health and Emergency Department

Millionaire Grant Lady has won several grants in October for behavioral health and the ED through the JPS Foundation. There were 5 grants for $300,000 for the JPS Adolescent Inpatient Unit (AIU), which addresses suicide rates in vulnerable youth populations, and 3 grants for $225,000 for the Intensive Primary Care Program, which addresses the complex health needs of high utilizers in the JPS Health System. One grant was for a new Mobile Health Unit. Total funding awarded so far is $525,000.

According to the CDC, suicide is the second-leading cause of death for youth ages 10-14 and third-leading for youth ages 15-24. In Texas, which ranks 41st in availability for mental health services, 73% of youth do not receive treatment (Mental Health America). Tarrant County has few inpatient psychiatric facilities, some of which do not accept uninsured youth. With the recent funding won by Millionaire Grant Lady, the JPS Adolescent Inpatient Unit will stabilize more than 450 youth in danger of harming themselves or others, provide relevant and appropriate treatment options, and empower patients to reintegrate into daily life with healthy coping skills. JPS is the leading provider for teens on Medicaid, CHIP, or who are uninsured, and the funding will significantly impact youth suicide and mental health outcomes.

Over 3,000 patients annually in the JPS Health System have four or more visits to the Emergency Department (ED), many of whom are uninsured, unhoused, and suffering from a complex web of ongoing social traumas and chronic diagnoses, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and mental illness. These are among the most vulnerable members of the community, and JPS Health System has implemented a unique program to provide direct street-based and home-based care to this population, and the implementation of the program has already reduced the overutilization and overdependence on the ED. This novel preventive model provides direct, compassionate care, reduces ED overcrowding, and improves health outcomes for Tarrant County residents with some of the worst health challenges and disparities.

Millionaire Grant Lady loves winning for clients who provide crucial care to vulnerable populations via unique programs. For clients like JPS, highlighting unique selling points and integrating research on the need for service is the key to winning grants for behavioral health and the ED. We are proud to contribute to their grant wins and celebrate with them. Their success is our success.

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