Millionaire Grant Lady Wins $4 Million Grant To End Youth Homelessness

Alex Dunn’s work won the Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County Continuum of Care over $4 million grant to end youth homelessness. The Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project aims to fuel innovation to prevent and end youth homelessness across the United States. Only 33 communities across the country received an award in this highly competitive competition from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County Continuum of Care had used a different grant writer two prior times for the Youth Homelessness Demonstration project without success. In the past, we have written about persuasive grant applications to win more money. Alex Dunn was able to win this grant for the community by:

1. Focusing on the community’s unique strengths or “selling points”
2. Highlighting those strengths at every possible opportunity
3. Using simple language for tired federal reviewers
4. Answering the application questions to “sell” the community as a good prospect, instead of just answering the specific questions

“I am passionate about ending homelessness, and am thrilled that my community will be able to end youth homelessness with this federal funding,” said Alex Dunn, Millionaire Grant Lady Owner. “This is an example of how it takes money to solve social problems, and this is why I love writing and winning grants.”

Alex helps existing clients with federal grants to maximize the chance of success. If you would like to learn more about Alex’s grant writing services, contact us.