Millionaire Grant Lady Presenting Grant Training at Ideas to Impact Event

Millionaire Grant Lady will be presenting a grant training at the Ideas to Impact Event on May 3rd. Nonprofit organizations have unique insight into community problems and have many ideas for how to address the problem; however, taking something from concept to reality can sometimes be a challenge. Millionaire Grant Lady is joining with a team of well-respected consultants for the Idea to Impact training to help nonprofits learn strategies to take innovative ideas and make them a reality through a proven process:

  • Design – Needs Assessment, Logic Model, Case for Support, Budgeting
  • Development Plan – Fundraising Strategy, Grant Readiness, and Program Sustainability
  • Proposal – Grant Writing, Prospect Research, and Preparedness
  • Evaluation – Evaluation Approaches, Methodologies, and Measuring Impact
  • Stewardship & Cultivation – Reporting Success, Strengthening Relationship, Renewing Funding

During this day-long training, participants will gain unique insights into the program development process, understand what funders are looking for in new programs, and how to best position an organization for programmatic and fundraising success.

Community challenges are constantly changing, and the way organizations craft interventions must be responsive to address the urgent needs of clients. Participants will receive numerous handouts and templates to streamline program planning and proposal writing. This training is perfect for organizations wanting to create, expand, or improve programs – as the lessons can be applied to any situation and lifecycle of a nonprofit’s development.