Gratitude is the Right Attitude in Grants

Some people in fundraising have taken an attitude of entitlement for nonprofits and grants by suggesting that nonprofits deserve funding. They have implied that for the wealthy or for foundations to not support a nonprofit with grants is perpetuating inequities and all sorts of evil in the world.

I could not disagree with them more.

I believe that gratitude is the right attitude for grant seeking. I believe there is a reason that every major religion encourages its followers to have gratitude.

Gratitude is also a good way to develop better relationships with federal funder program officers, local foundations, local government funders, and even within your own organization’s team.

Here are key ways that Millionaire Grant Lady LLC uses gratitude in foundation grant seeking for clients:

  1. Always thank them for their work to address social issues. They could work for any organization (or not work at all for some of them!), but instead they are dedicating their time and sweat to make the world a better place. Just like you!
  2. Highlight the impact the foundation has made in your community, and also emphasize how your work can help them further that amazing impact.
  3. Be kind, polite, and grateful in ALL interactions with funders, including everything you send them, all phone calls, and all meetings. Don’t forget to offer the same courtesies to a foundation’s assistant or gatekeeper as you would to the foundation’s president.

In my scores of clients that have increased their grant funding, we always use a tone of kindness and gratitude in all of Millionaire Grant Lady’s work on behalf of our clients.